Intelligent text editing, conversion and consolidation

Our collaboration partner Universitetsforlaget approached us in 2017 with a major problem. They had several thousand text documents that needed to be converted from plain text into a structured format, and consolidated in order to be available on their new service that is going live in 2018. Doing this manually using existing processes would take several years or even more than a decade.

Together we mapped out existing processes and workflows. Using this knowledge we leveraged our technological expertise in cognitive systems to develop a new software that collaborates with the user by providing intelligent suggestions and guidance. The user gets proposals for both how the text should be converted and how it should be consolidated. Instead of the user doing a manual task, which could take over an hour, he immediatly gets a suggestion which he can easily edit.

In addition to increased efficiency we've added automatic data quality ensuranse, data management and error handling. Meaning that if an error is discovered, the user can go in and correct the error, and the system will automatically update and fix any dependencies thanks to the enhanced versioning system.



A project in collaboration with our customer